The Midwest Passover Experience Back For Our 8th Year!

Midwest Passover is proud to be back for its 8th year, once again at the lovely at Bertram Inn & Conference Center in Aurora, OH. We are looking forward to offering you and your family a full passover program for the whole yom tov.

At the Bertram Inn & Conference Center

Aurora, OH

Monday April 22nd – Wednesday May 1st, 2024

About The Midwest
Passover Experience

Private & Communal Sedarim

Communal Seder led by Rabbi Leibel Scheinbaum

High Quality Kashrus

Cholov Yisroel, Non Gebrokts, & Shmurah Matzah Meals

Kids Programs

Entertainers, Inflatables, Babysitting, and more

Adult Programs

Daf Yomi & Lectures for Men and Women


Includes all taxes, tips, and fees

  • Whole Yom Tov
    per couple
    • April 22nd -May 1st
    • Additional Guest $3,000
    • Child (2-10) $1,600
    • Additional Room $1,000
  • First Days
    per couple
    • April 22nd-25th
    • Additional Guest $1,600
    • Child (2-10) $900
    • Additional Room $360
  • Second Days
    per couple
    • April 28th-May 1st
    • Additional Guest $1,100
    • Child (2-10) $600
    • Additional Room $360

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We took our children and grandchildren to the 2021 Program. It exceeded our expectations. Hotel is beautiful. The food was outstanding. Rabbi AJ and Mindi are super and catered to all our needs. It is a first rate program at a very affordable cost. WE look forward to attending next year. A Gem!
Our family had an amazing time at the Bertram Inn. It was so nice from the moment we arrived. The hotel staff was very accommodating. Our waitress Karen (for all our meals) catered to our every need. If your looking for good food, service, and convenience look no further. Thanks for a great and relaxing pesach 2021.
This was our first Pesach at a hotel. We weren’t sure what to expect. However, everything exceeded our expectations. The hotel accommodations were 1st rate; spacious, clean rooms; all venues conveniently located; friendly, helpful staff. The food was delicious, plentiful and creative. Kudos to Tibor, Ray and Aaron. The davening was inspiring with many Baalei Tefillos to choose from. Being with family and extended family created the most leibidig meals that we ever experienced. Last, but not least, this program could not have worked without the tireless efforts of Rabbi AJ Kushner, Mindi and Devora. Their focus on the needs and wants of each guest was evident from the moment we arrived until the moment we left. Next year in Yerushalayim (or 2nd best, Aurora).
We had an amazing time at the Agudas Achim Pesach program! Excellent food, accommodations and entertainment! programs. Our kids had had a blast blast! Perfect setting for a family to get together and enjoy the yom tov. Pricing is very affordable compared to other programs. R’ AJ does a great job creating a fun, entertaining atmosphere. Highly recommend.
This was truly a most pleasant experience for our family. We were part of a fairly large multi-generational group with such a broad range of needs and the entire staff (most notably R’ Aharon Yoel and Mrs. Devora Klugman and their respective spouses) worked tirelessly to successfully accommodate each and every individual. Wonderful davening, excellent food (quality AND quantity), and a special attention to the sensibilities of the many many children present at the program brought everything together in a truly enjoyable Pesach experience!
The people and the program exceeded all of our expectations. No detail was left unaddressed. Our group ( 20 people or the First Days and 35 for the Second Days – consisting of 4 generations/ ages 74 years to 2 weeks) had every need met, with grace, humor and speed! The food was consistently excellent and plentiful- with NO repetitions! We brought our own matzah and wine – but did not need to, because there were ample amounts and assortments offered. Rabbi A L Scheinbaum was inspiring and thought provoking, as always. Rabbi AJ Kushner was welcoming, effusive and the perfect host. I could not have been better!

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